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Woman who is going to fuck your pretty asshole tonight, she continued in a non-chalant manner as she stepped to pick up the bag. What, in the name of academic advancement, have I gotten myself into? wondered Sherrie. A sense of panic started to build within her. Miss Victoria sensed this. Placing one of her finely manicured hands gently on Sherrie s arm, she said, Please relax. I have chosen Andrew because I think he is exactly the kind of male you need for your initiation into the wonderful pleasures of penetrating a man. It s always good to have practiced on a man before you do find your soul mate—--and I can guarantee you that after tonight no man will be a soul mate for you unless he occasionally gets on all fours as Andrew will do and offers up his naked ass for your pleasure and his. Miss Victoria opened the bag. It contained two leather harnesses, a bottle of lube, two thick towels, and two feeldoe dildos, one purple, one black. Their unique design, Miss Victoria had told her on the phone, was created by a woman with female pleasure in mind. Sherrie s throat went dry. She had read about this. She had finally given herself permission only last week to find and view a video of a woman using this kind of dildo to fuck a handsome man in his asshole. She had also allowed herself to masturbate to orgasm each time she viewed the video in the days since. The feeldoe was the perfect cover for the story she had made up about not participating in the tribal ceremony during her last stay with the tribe. Modern technology would back up her excuse about wanting her own phallus to fuck one of the native men in the ass--—the feeldoe was very different from the intricately fashioned strapon dildos the women used which were made of polished wood. In a process that started with careful carving before sanding the phallus smooth using a cloth into which crushed shells were poured, the women labored intensely as they made their personal man-fucking instruments. Each creation was finished by decorating it with colors and symbols meaningful to the woman and her family and then sealing it with multiple coats of a resin that left it completely smooth yet somehow a bit slippery. These.

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