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The sleep out of my eyes with the backs of my hands, the left one missing all but the index finger and thumb, thanks to an IED in Iraq. As I sat up in the huge bed, my Piglet came into the room. As had become my custom, I swung my feet over the edge and began to speak as soon as I saw her enter the room. Although I loved to talk with her, the sound helped to guide her to me. It makes my day to see you walk in here. It s like having a dream come true every single morning. She walked into the room four measured steps, put her left elbow out and slid slowly forward until she felt the foot-post of the bed with her forearm, not even spilling the huge mug of black coffee in her hand, a near twin to the smaller mug in her right hand. She stepped two steps to the left and then three forward, coming to a stop within a foot of my legs. Her wonderful pendulous breasts swung to a stop shortly after she did. That looks hot, be careful not to drop in, okay? Why would I drop it, Pooh, the dangerous part was just getting it here...oh! I had snuck my hands under the tray with the coffee mugs on it and was currently pulling down gently on Piglet s small brown nipples. I rolled them between my thumbs and index fingers, and the hot coffee on the tray held her captive, helpless to escape my friendly assault, although the look on her face made it seem that the last thing she wanted to do was escape. Her mouth dropped open as I worked her nips, and already her pussy had begun to make happy wet noises. Take the tray, Pooh, I want your cock in my hands, okay? Honey, I really need you to take the tray form me. Please take the tray...? DAVID! TAKE THIS FUCKING TRAY BEFORE I THROW IT ON YOU! I took the tray, and when she heard it hit the bedside table, she launched her little body onto mine, grabbed my cock in both hands and stuffed it into her petite little mouth. Her cheeks went concave as she sucked and licked, and as one of her hands slid sown to her crotch, I.

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