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We made love and just plain fucked until dawn, and then took a long shower and slept nearly until dark again. We both walked like cowboys for a couple of days after that, but the smiles never left out faces... I followed Annie into her closet and turned on the light so I could see her. She swept her left hand along the clothes on that side until she came to the short-sleeved blouses. Pick out the cropped red Kauai Harley tee for me, okay? And then the Seven Jeans with the wide legs; they should be in the drawer on the top left. And then the Engineer boots with the 4 inch heels. I ll need some tall socks for them, probably the SmartWool ones, and the color doesn t matter. I think a thong to please my man, and you can pick the color. Which bra do you like, Pooh? I like the red Bombshell, if that s okay. But that makes me a DD and the t-shirt will get stretched. You say that like it s a bad thing, Piglet, I smiled. Men! If I had eyes, they would be rolling right now. Seriously, Pooh, would you want me to get implant to make my tits bigger? I d do it if you wanted me to. Boy, talk about a sentence some men would pay good money to hear! You know, Annie, a lot of men would jump at that, but not me. I wouldn t change anything about your boobs at all. If they were bigger, they wouldn t move like they do now; it s also possible that your nipples would be numb, and I don t think that s right. As I spoke, she started to smile, and when I was done, she inhaled deeply, throwing her chest back and shaking her shoulders an almost imperceptible amount. The combination of movements set her breasts in motion, bobbing and swaying, her dark nipples surging erect. Like I said, they re perfect, just like the rest of you. Now, if you got an urge to have them pierced, I wouldn t mind that at all. I ve made an appointment over at SouthSide Tattoo to have them done next week, Pooh. I feel so very lucky to have you, darling. She said this while she was bending over, loading her breasts.

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