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A soft voice, Please forgive me. This is just so foreign to me, so . . . so–- The woman set the bag on Sherrie s bed and interrupted. I have introduced numerous women to this activity, she said. You would be surprised how common it is for ladies to covet this kind of sexual experience. The internet has certainly had an effect on bringing it to the attention of a much wider audience. Sherrie remained motionless, afraid of what she was about to do, but turned on beyond all measure that she was going to do it. Miss Victoria continued. The number of men eager to experience this continues to rise, also due, no doubt, to the internet. She smiled. No matter his introduction to the idea, though, once a man has surrendered his most private opening to soft caresses and gentle penetrations, and experienced the lovely sensations created by deft manipulation of his prostate, he quickly becomes an advocate of the act. She opened the bag and picked up the purple feeldoe. You can keep your blouse and bra on if you wish. You will, of course, have to be nude from the waist down in order to wear the strapon. Be comfortable, Miss Victoria said, circling the bed, dildo in hand, and glancing at the titles of the books stacked on the nightstand. My only suggestion is that once you discover how good this end of the dildo —--and she flicked one finger against the bulbous end of the strangely shaped purple implement—-- feels inside your pussy as you fuck him, you may wish that your breasts were free in order to grab your nipples and tug on them or pinch them as a way to increase your arousal. She turned back to the bag and drew out the towels, the harnesses, the second dildo, and the lube, depositing each on the bed and laying the purple feeldoe next to them. The tribe s women ARE naked except for the phallus they wear during the ceremony, Sherrie thought. She once again rationalized an academic reason for doing something she desperately wanted to do but was afraid to give herself permission for in the absence of a forced acceptance that her research required it. Swallowing hard, she began removing her clothes. She felt ridiculous standing nude from the waist down, and having provided.

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