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On her beautiful face, she said, This is not a complaint, mister, it s a comment! And if you ever pass on an opportunity to fuck me, I will beat your ass ragged, do you understand me? Honestly, I never knew it would be like this, Pooh. She smiled and kissed me passionately for just a second. I think about you and your cock all the time; it s a good thing I m blind, or I d be looking around for things to stick up my cunt constantly. If these bedposts weren t so tall, you d come in one day and find me stuck on one like a hood ornament on a car. I laughed out loud at her. That produces all kinds of wonderful images in my mind, Piglet, but none as hot as you. You, sir, are a suck up. And that is just fine with me. So... seeing me with a zucchini in my pussy wouldn t disappoint you, then? she said, her head cocked to the side. Darlin you just let me know what you want for toys, and we ll go get them. Well, all rightey then, she said, not much like Jim Carrey. I headed for the shower, one of our favorite places, and she came along, holding my damaged hand lovingly. During the soaping up and rinsing down, I remembered that she had taken a phone call in the morning. Hey, sweetness, I asked. Who was on the phone this morning? Oh! I m sorry Pooh, I totally forgot about it. I was bringing coffee, and then you were playing with my tits, and, well, you know... It was a Doctor Hanson up at the VA in Portland. She was going into surgery, and she asked if you would call her around lunchtime. I wrote down the number on the pad by the phone. You are amazing, Annie. Bullshit! Any fool can take a phone message. Besides, it good for me to write, so I don t forget how, ya know? Help me pick out some clothes and you can call while I m getting dressed, okay? Annie made her way into our closet, her movement guided by subtle tilts of her head to hear reflected sound and by reaching ahead to find landmarks. There was no way I was going to miss out on her.

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