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Souls, allowing them to be proficient hunters as well as proficient lovers. The men approached the altar, reverently presenting their naked genitals for inspection by the women, who would handle their cocks and balls to the point of erection, with glistening pre-cum on the head of their dicks the indication that they were ready for the gods to bless them with the purification their women would provide in the form of a thick phallus stroked repeatedly into their assholes until the act brought the women to resounding orgasms. The lithe, finely muscled native men spread their legs as they leaned over the altar, cock and balls clearly visible and in an evident state of arousal. They were told to reach back and spread themselves open, demonstrating their willingness to submit themselves to the women and the ceremony. One of the teen-aged and virginal girls of the tribe then uncorked a large urn of lubricant and tipped it at the top of the male s ass crack, careful to direct the gooey liquid between his cheeks so that it would roll into the valley created as he held himself open in supplication.. She would step back from the male s ceremonial exposure, and the woman who was about to take the young hunter would press a finger through the lubricant and into the man s asshole, stroking in and out as the women witnessing the ritual chanted in unison to the thrusts of her finger: Gods of plenty, bless our tribe with successful hunting and many babies! See our promise made to live in peace and harmony, woman with man, and man with woman! Withdrawing her thoroughly coated finger as evidence that she had adequately prepared the dark tunnel inside the hunter s ass, the woman would approach the bent-over male, grasping her strapon at the base and running its smooth surface around and over his glistening asshole, crack, and balls to smear the slippery substance all over her fake cock. She would then point the phallus directly at his asshole, nudge it into place, and drape herself over his back while grabbing onto his hips, all in strict accordance with the ceremonial protocols for the ritual. Then, the globes of her beautiful ass would shimmy with each thrust as she fucked him with utter abandon (as required by the gods) until he cried out in.

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