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I really need you to take the tray form me. Please take the tray...? DAVID! TAKE THIS FUCKING TRAY BEFORE I THROW IT ON YOU! I took the tray, and when she heard it hit the bedside table, she launched her little body onto mine, grabbed my cock in both hands and stuffed it into her petite little mouth. Her cheeks went concave as she sucked and licked, and as one of her hands slid sown to her crotch, I slid mine over it. Her mouth popped off my dick, and she turned her face to me with a smile. Hands off, mister! This is MY show. She growled at me.Her mouth returned to its happy work and took up a tempo to match her hand, and within a few minutes, I was ready to blow and so was she. In seconds, I exploded into her mouth, and she growled some more as she swallowed me, and then collapsed onto the floor as she came. I pulled her gently but urgently off the floor and simultaneously lay back against the pillows and plugged her onto my still hard cock. Her pussy was still in spasm from her orgasm, and just as she stopped moaning in ecstasy I began to rocket up into her. Her moaning became an urgent keening as her cunt rippled on me, and my eyes locked on her tits, which had taken on a life all their own, jumping and slapping against each other, her tummy and my chest. The slapping noises we made filled the room, and her voice changed again, this time into an open-mouthed whine. uuuuuhhh, uuuhhh, ooohhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhfuuuuuuuccckkkkkmmeeeeee! Gonnacumagain, gonna cummm, gonnacumgonnacumgonnacumNOWWWWWW! My balls felt like they were trying to either explode or crawl up my ass as I filled her completely with cum. She fell onto my chest with a wet noise and we both panted like dogs for a couple of minutes. When we finally got our breath back, Annie pushed up a little and looked into my face. Oh, you sweet, wonderful stud! I think I entered another dimension. That was so truly fine! I just nodded, and after I caressed her face and hair for a while, she laid her head down on my chest and we both drifted off. We awoke about an hour and a half after she had walked into our.

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