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The one thing I dreaded more than overwhelming numbers of armed enemy combatants. And what is so wrong about wire coat hangers? You d have thought that I had skinned kittens alive from the looks I got from the two amigos. One of the things Randy knows about me is my bank balance, so he knows I wouldn t miss the money that I was absolutely sure he intended to spend on Annie. And for some reason, Medford wouldn t do; in fact, I thought Randy s eyebrows were going to fly off his face when I suggested it. Fortunate for me, I had a security job lined up that would take me out of the country for a couple of days, so I didn t have to go to San Francisco with the Wonder Twins and Piglet. It had been six months since I first saw Annie at the Medford Airport, and we hadn t been separated since. Randy assured me that Annie was safe with he and Eric, and I believed him, since he was retired from the British SAS, and was possibly more deadly than I was. Randy made the arrangements, including a private jet and two nights at the Mandarin Oriental. Thankfully, he had to explain the jet and posh lodgings to her, and not me. She wouldn t hit him, at least I didn t think she would. So I kissed her goodbye and waved at the Citation 7 as it scalded down the runway at MFR, then turned and boarded the more mundane CRJ700 bound for Denver, and then sites offshore. It didn t occur to me until later that she couldn t see me wave. My body guarding gig was uneventful, and I returned unkilled from overseas, walking through the door at 11:15 on a Tuesday night. I d left a voice message on our phone when I got on the plane in Denver three hours before, and Annie stood at the far end of the hallway waiting for me. Except for the automatic light on the porch, it was totally dark in the house. Be a good boy and do exactly as you re told, is that understood? she whispered. As You Wish. My favorite quote from our favorite movie, The Princess Bride . Follow me. She said. She turned exactly 180 degrees and walked away from.

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