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Technology would back up her excuse about wanting her own phallus to fuck one of the native men in the ass--—the feeldoe was very different from the intricately fashioned strapon dildos the women used which were made of polished wood. In a process that started with careful carving before sanding the phallus smooth using a cloth into which crushed shells were poured, the women labored intensely as they made their personal man-fucking instruments. Each creation was finished by decorating it with colors and symbols meaningful to the woman and her family and then sealing it with multiple coats of a resin that left it completely smooth yet somehow a bit slippery. These aboriginal dildos, though, were carved to fit snug against the woman s crotch and held in place with a kind of harness made of wild pig leather. It was clear to Sherrie that the snug fit would provide delightful sensations as the cupped base of the dildo pressed against the wearer s clitoris. But the dildos did not include any extensions that went inside the wearer s vagina. Sherrie reached out tentatively and touched the feeldoe dildo as Miss Victoria held the bag open. I will supervise your fitting while Andrew disrobes, said the woman, drawing the handles of the bag back together and tilting her head toward a door leading away from the living room and opposite the kitchen. Your bedroom? Sherrie nodded silently. Miss Victoria smiled. Very good. She walked toward the door, looking back to notice Sherrie staring worriedly at Andrew as he began unbuttoning his shirt. Don t be concerned. He will remain where he stands after he strips. And he knows better than to remove his blindfold. Once in her bedroom, Sherrie shut the door and said in a soft voice, Please forgive me. This is just so foreign to me, so . . . so–- The woman set the bag on Sherrie s bed and interrupted. I have introduced numerous women to this activity, she said. You would be surprised how common it is for ladies to covet this kind of sexual experience. The internet has certainly had an effect on bringing it to the attention of a much wider audience. Sherrie remained motionless, afraid of what she was about to do, but turned on beyond all measure that she was going to do it. Miss Victoria.

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